Jammed Out


Staring and declaring

No known piece of evidence

But my factual mind can prove everything

I could've sworn he was apart of me 

Growing from my rib 

And configured from the ground

I swore he was mine for the keeping

My God given chance and oppurtunity

But the devil sure showed me

Eyes of kindness

Lips of seduction

Hands of strength

Speech so slick

How can he denied

Because his grip was so thick

But look 

I have grown

Strong from the storm

Eagle-istic ways so influential

Hips, whips, and trips that those guys die for

Apart from him since we first started

Knew my second mind was to defy it

But I wanted something to hold

To "Cuddle with" 

I is a woman nah!

And I refuse to downgrade to become just another option

I is a woman nah!

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