Jail Cell Blues

Sitting in this bunk bed, 
Times getting to my head,
Trying to figure out,
What this life is all about.
Well, I made a wrong turn,
Fucked with fire and got burned,
I guess that's lesson learned.
This time in this dry cell,
Waiting to make bail,
I'm still figuring out,
What this life is all about. 
An Ellis County inmate,
Hope I don't make state,
Bet when I get out,
A new life without a doubt.
Surrounded by white walls,
Wasting all my calls,
On a whore that doesn't care,
If I ever get there.
I dream about your face,
About leaving this place,
And I hope that you'll wait,
That I won't be too late.
The letters I write you,
Must not be getting through,
Waiting for your reply,
Trying not to to cry.
I guess this times best,
Give the drugs a rest,
I know there's something more,
Something to live for.


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