Wake up,







Every waking moment another piece of me disappears into the void. Life? Not anymore. While I may be alive, the world that once held endless wonders has died. Gone, buried, no longer mine. You see, I've become Jaded. Tired, and alone. My prison is the confines of my own home. My mind offers no peace, no reprieve from the things that I've been forced to see. For it's within my mind that I relive every second of every day. Merely pain. I've been abandoned. I've been sick. I've lost all those that I held most dear...but it has not killed me. It has simply left me, jaded. You see, life is to much of a selfish child to share me with the end. It's kept me from all those that I wish to see, and those that I hope I never will again. But life goes on, nothing more than a comedic tragedy in my eyes. For day after day, I survive. But I am jaded. So tired, and so afraid. I've lived more in my short years than some people do in a lifetime. I've had my fill before the curtain has even come down upon the first act, and yet still...

I am jaded.


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