I've Had Enough

I’ve had enough

Of sitting still

And watching this world tick by

I’ve had enough

Of blinding myself

To enter oblivion

I’ve had enough

Of seeing the pain

That lurks like shadows in everyone’s eyes

I’ve had enough

Of seeing isolation

And abandonment

All for the sake of self-advancement

I’ve had enough

Of one standing over the rest

I've had enough

Of hiding behind the curtain

Lest someone should look too closely

And see the real me

I’ve had enough of reality

And our state of ignorance

That is no more real than

The man in the moon

Or the camera flash of lightning

I’ve had enough

Of everything

Of all the wrong that we assume is right

Of the demeaning of others for respect

That is not respectful

I’ve had enough

I’ve had enough

I have had enough.

Have you?


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