I've been walking down this


I've been walking down this path,
For quite some time now,
I know that it's instilled a bright road ahead.
I just can't always see what's next.
On this long path I met you, I knew right when I met you,
That the light toward the path was brighter,
The fields around me were more green,
The sky around me was a rich blue,
And it all happened when I met you.
We've walked with is path for six months now.
The road may have been chipped or rocky,
The tides may have been tough,
But it's all been worth it.
On this long road,
I've had you to help me smile, 
I've had you to make me laugh,
I've had you to hold close,
And I'll never forget,
That I'll always love you the most.
In these long months,
I've come to realize,
Life is better when you have the one,
When you know you would die for this person,
When love takes your heart,
When no one else matters,
My life is better because of you.


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