I've been burned

These wounds I have, they will turn to scars.

The ashes from the bridges have long been there.

I can still touch them and feel the memories.

How can someone do this to another?

I tried to run across this particular bridge to try and save it, but she lit the flames as I was running.

That didn't stop me though, if I ran enough, I wouldn't get hurt.

It was never like that.

Maybe she enjoyed hurting me mentally.

Did I do something wrong?

The memories still hurt me; 

the empty promises,

the lies,

the fake love.

These ashes stain me from everything.

She wanted to eventually break me, I think.

She's the reason I relapsed, she's the reason I know 12 pills don't work.

I can't seem to help, but look over at the other side of the bridge and see a black silhouette.

Yes, I still dwell.

I don't let people see it.

I'm weak.



Best friends,



She tried to come back and be friends, but it was much too different.

She blamed me.

The awkward converstaions,

the distance,

the walls,

the no trust,

everything was my fault.

I couldn't apologize.

She hated that and would snap.

I desevred it though.

How can someone destroy another and not live up to it?

I went numb,

locked myself up all over again,

walls so high I drove myself insane.

I'm sorry I was never enough to you.


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