I've Always Dreamed

Fri, 11/03/2017 - 15:37 -- MRSZAW


I've always dreamed of my wedding
The white dress
The beautiful flowers
The sparkling lights
But most importantly I've always dreamed of my groom
How nice he'll look in his tux
How he'll cry as I walk down the aisle
How everyone will say we belong together
The partner really makes the day, I think And I've always dreamed of marriage
Waking up next to my husband
The wonderful house we'd own
The dogs playing in the backyard
That's what a wedding should lead to And i've always dreamed about this life
As stupid as it seems to you
As pointless as you find the tradition
As much as you hate the legalitiesI've always wanted a happy wedding And now I'm dreaming of my life with you
Without the perfect wedding
Without the happy marriage
Without the seamless joining of people
Because you think marriage is stupid I can live without my dreamsBecause I love youAnd marrriage isn't what you've always dreamed of


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