It's Time To Speak Up For The Animals Who Can't Speak Up For Themselves

They're defenseless,

They're helpless,

We all know it,

But how do they show it,

They whine, they beg,

But we pay them no attention,

They starve, they freeze and they die every day,

In the eyes of the law they have no rights,

Or do they ?

It took us this long to get rights for everyone,

But what about their rights,

What about their babies that are being killed or starved to death,

Do they have rights like we do ?

The question you need to ask yourself is how long are  we going to stand by and let this happen,

They're don't hurt us, they just love and trust us,

And sometimes they give their trust out to the wrong person,

But they don't know any better, They're just animals,

Just like we're just human beings who have voices and who can speak up and stop this cruelty,

They're just animals who can't speak up and who can't defend themselves,

So I think it's time we did it for them.

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My country
Our world
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