It's a Target Rich Environment

Mine’s a gun-based culture and shooting is my thing

To my local firing range, guns and bullets I will bring

I fire handsome weapons at the targets one by one

Exquisite is the harmony of bullet, man and gun


Trigger finger twitching, my targets fill with holes

The agony and ecstasy as I achieve my goals

Its ok what I’m doing here. All my buddies say

Its part of our rich culture, backed by the N-R-A


With many kinds of shooting range, whatever you’re desiring

Just pick your favourite subject and get the guns a firing

A synagogue, a classroom, a concert or a mall

There’s moving targets everywhere (until they’re hit and fall)


A worshiper, a music fan, a child or the police

A president, a classroom aid will hear the shattered peace

I see them down and bleeding.  They twitch uncontrollably

Just like my trigger finger, we’re in perfect harmony


Triggers pulled, targets fall.  Morning, noon or night

You can’t stop what I’m doing, it’s a 2nd amendment right

Mine’s a shooting culture.  With my gun I get my say

It can’t be wrong, cause if it was they’d change it. Wouldn’t they?


© Sam Steele Oct 2018

This poem is about: 
Our world


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