It's not okay


Since we were young we were tought 

If a boy hits you, bullies you, he likes you

Any girl would kill to be in your position

And you know the boys love submission


Our bodies finally growing as fast as our minds

Of course the boys noticed too

Haunting words we wear as medals

They crawl inside our heads

Teaching us to be afraid of saying no

Our words falling like silent snow


We learn to walk faster

Keep only one earbud in

Never wear a ponytail out alone

We feel safe no where but our homes

Standing straight in lines just like Knomes

Screaming to try to save ourselves

Crowded by nothing but quite



Used to burly hands holding you down

Foot ball players lined around

They won't even let you make a sound

Tired of saying no, cuz all they hear is yes

And yet they still rip off your dress

You just don't protest

My dress too short

Makes me a whore

My dress too long

Makes them beg for more


You are used to being used

And being abused

You hear a knock at the door

He's wanting more

You put your foot down

You say no

But yet he pushes past you and slams the door

You scream you cry but he doesn't care why

He just gets heavier, scarier

When he's done he leaves

You call the police


That scared little girl that was once inside

You sympathized

You have grown into the most beautiful version of yourself


The words the boys called you in middle school don't apply now

This poem is about: 
My community



a beautiful take on growing up, so amazing, thank you for this amazing piece

s u n f l o w e r

Thank you, it means a lot to me that you took the time to read my piece.

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