It's not my fault

I'm sorry I did something wrong

we're talking in whispers

he can't hear us in the next room

but the news is even worse

than if he was aware we were talking about him

I did you wrong

I don't know what to do now

what happened wasn't my fault

but then why do I feel responsible


you're everywhere

you're in my head

every other week I'm crying because of you

when our troubles are'nt even related


but we are

I know I'm not your sister

I can hear you slamming in the next room

all your things

and I get worried

Stop relax stop relax




comfort yourself

because you won't let me

I'm sorry

what did I do?


that's all

we're connected

we're connected

you're not responsible for yourself anymore

I'm responsible for us

but there's no us


you cut us in half

now its just U

and S


S tupid

S cared

S ilent

S ick to my

S tomach when you're around

S top.

R elax.

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