It's Not Just Poetry

It's not just pen and paper

and words on a page. 

It's freeing your heart

from its barbed wire cage. 

It's the feeling you get

when you can finally breathe

after drowning for years

in a cold, dark sea. 

It's rhyme and rhythm 

and a steady hum.

It flows through your veins

and beats like a drum. 

It's the words that you think

but don't dare say. 

It's the forbidden thoughts

you keep locked away. 

It's every emotion

that you'll ever feel.

It's pain and sorrow

and learning to heal.

It's every beginning

and every end.

It's the hurt when you break

when you needed to bend.

 It's the ache in your chest

when you just want to shout

and it's the sigh of relief 

when you've let it all out.



I really like this 

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