It's not the journey

When we leave

when we walk out the door

when we reach the end of the sidewalk

when we shut the car door

when we turn the corner

when we pass the stop sign

when we watch the kids fade in the rearview mirror

when we pick up speed

when we trade stop lights for exit ramps

when we pick up snacks along the way

when we sing to the radio

when we fall asleep in the backseat

when we wake up

when we don't know where we are

when all we've seen for hours is trees

when we finally get there

when we stretch out

when we breath in the new air

when we unpack

when we dive in the pool

when we know we'll be okay

when we learn it's not the journey at all

when we take a moment

just one moment

and we smile

when we know the world will spin us

a new sunrise for the morning. 


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