It's Just Skin

So much thought goes into what our eyes perceive 

Judgements and opinions 

From a young age we are taught what to think 

How to treat others 

Based on what we see

And it's not until we understand the purpose behind those teachings

Begin to understand the origin of those teachings

That we realize we don't agree 

We begin to look at people as human beings just like us 

We see that they may be different 

But they are made of everything we are made of

And then it is understood 

No one is "predisposed" to do anything. 

The organ keeping our insides safe and in tact 

is just that

It is just skin 

And it comes in many colors 

But it is just skin

And it doesn't "make" anyone do anything 

Just because you have this color of skin doesn't mean you're

Less valuable 

Less worthy

Less important

It doesn't mean you're

More likely to go to jail

More likely to get in fights 

More likely to go to college

All of these thoughts 

Are teachings 

And until we understand the origin 

We won't be able to disagree 

We won't be able to change 

We need to understand 




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