It's almost over

It's almost over,
such simple words.
One may cringe at the thought they occur.
don't worry,
I do not intent life;
rather than the place before you take flight.
I though of this year often,
though it never occurred. 
Some people would be here, and some I never heard disappear. 
However, non-the-less, I cannot fret for times is coming to it's end.
The hours at the desk, typing away, page after page.
Yet other documents cry, for their dues must be paid.
So as I wander, yet, not moving at all, I envy those who favor laziness most of all. 
I click submit and look at my clock,
tomorrow needs preparation so I shower the night off,
wake in the morning to drive off.
These days are shortened in the narrow minds,
for senior year just started,
but so did the rest of time.

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