It's all for you


He is the world to me,

Yet he is so much more to me

No one could imagine such a lovely face

He's just so beautiful in so many ways

"There's nobody like you girl"

I'm just so glad that he came into my world


If I was given everyday and I was given every night

I'd give it all away to be by his side

Because the sun may shine and the moon, so bright

But it would mean nothing unless he's in my life

He always let's me know, I'm an amazing girl

And everything I do, I let him know "It's all for you"


I think about him everyday

When he smiles from the things I say

I'd have everything I need to run away

But I'd come back in the end just to see him again

Because although he maybe spacey And people think he's crazy

I'd always be his Lady, Cuz he can always amaze me

He has me singing, "do do doo, do do do doo"

And for now on everything I do, "It's all for you"




I deeply feel where you are coming from. Mine is just vice versa though LOL! But that is how I feel towards my lady.

I Love your poem JOCELYNMRIVERA47.

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