Its About Time

Been from broken homes to the streets,

to not knowing where to go,

until school started back up,

and we met in a gym class,

talking junk to each other,

never knowing this is where it'd lead too,

from you and I on the bleachers,

to us in the same house in the same room,

never thought i'd fall in love with you,

now wearing matching rings,

soon to have our last names the same,

from the ups the smiles and happiness, 

from the downs the tears and the pain, 

we stood together as one,

never seperating into two again,

our love is never ending.


In gangs to fighting away out, 

we swore we'd change for the good,

as we contuinued to move on,

never thinking this is where we'd belong,

never knowing if we had a home,

not until we met,

and fell in love through rough times,

even with the wild things that we do,

you'll ride for me and Ill die for you,

I love you!



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