It was a Wal-Mart



It was at Wal-Mart, the year was 1997.

He worked in the back of the store,

while she worked in the front.


He needed a ride home, and had to wait after midnight

for his friend to pick him up.

She was confused as to why he hadn't left.


He said the truth, he didn't have a car,

and was waiting for a friend.

She decided to give him a ride,

even though he kept saying she didn't have too.


She found out he wasn't eating,

he was trying to save up to get his car fixed.

He had been in an accident, and his car was too damanged.


He didn't realize why she wanted to know

what his favorite fast food was. He answered,

unaware of what she was doing.


She bought him food, claiming it was for herself,

but it was actually for him. He wasn't expecting it,

but he was grateful.


He invited her into his apartment, and that's when

she found out he didn't have any food.


Next day, she takes him home, but stopped at the store.

They went inside together, and she asked what kind of

meals he would make. He answered, unaware of what she was doing.


She bought him groceries. He wasn't expecting it,

but he was more than grateful.


She would give him rides to work, and rides home.

Once his car was fixed, he would take her out on

simple dates. Take car rides together.


They were in love.


Fast forward, it's 2017.

I ask my mom why she did that for my dad.

Her response, "He was honest with me. He didn't hold things back.

I felt safe when I was with him. I felt myself falling in love with him."


As I smile, she tells me, "Your dad told me, 'I don't have a lot to offer,'

material wise, 'but I can offer you my love.'"


To think, a twenty year romance started

because they met in a Wal-Mart they worked at.

This poem is about: 
My family


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