It Was Always There

Although I've always been taught to excel in all that I do
There were little barriers in my life
The tools of oprression were always there
Women in my culture were always taught to be controlled by men

As if it was the only way of life
Women were to be treated as "princesses"
But at the same time rediculed if they crossed the line
And did something out of the ordinary
Something that somehow disrupted the order of pariarchy

We were never taught about female empowerment
To have strong voices of leadership, independency, and powerful intellect
I was beaten several times by men
Told that I should learn to cook and clean
Otherwise no man would want me

Although our aunts would remind us
that we were raised by a strong line of women
I felt that this battle was something my generation had to concur
Aside from the policy behind institutional sexism
There was the social sexism that hurt us the most




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