It Is Time

Develop a force that is unseen. Cover it in the heaviest of armor, no man nor woman can lift. Pitched to the finest tune it's will is to soothe, disguised in rotten tastes, as simple beings we- must turn away. Left alone was the light never to take flight. Once it became, it was destroyed. Never seen, never heard- we speak what we thought it was believed to be, we wish to go back, only if we can...- would we see it, could we of held it? Over and over again we are felt alone without hope, and though it's strength is what we all call fear, we will never know loves true devotion to want to appear.
Pleased with our selves to know such things others are not ready to see in themselves.
Damn these lines I find on my palm. I place them face down. Ashamed to look twice. Could I accept the truth, even if it was carved into me, always here for me to see, right in front of me?


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