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It Starts With Cherries

Everything starts with cherries you see,
Those wonderfully sweet things
They made a smile appear on your face
But it wasn’t just because of their taste

We were friends, it was plan to see
But we both wanted more, you and me
The time and place were not right
Nor could we let our feelings come to light

Then one day we had a break through
Sweet and innocent like morning dew
I shared my cherries with you
And created a memory only me and you could do

It was a simple gesture, kind and friendly
But I wouldn’t do a thing differently,
Because I shared my cherries with you
I get to share many memories with you too



This poem is about the first exchange that me and my current boyfriend had. He was in a terrible, abusive relationship and he was always sad and unhappy. We got along from the start. He wasn't able to afford much food so I would share my lunch with him a lot at work, I found out he loved cherries, we got to do a lot of talking and I put a smile on his face. It inspires me because simple acts of kindness can go a long way, and create every lasting memories!

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