It should have never been Black vs. White


What is it like to be white?

White, in a society whose 'minorities' population count is about to take flight


What is it like to be white?

Do you feel the fight of your ancestors , like the blacks , hispanics, and native americans


We say we fought racism, we say we fought prejudice, we say we fought slavery

Is any of this true


The prejdice is still there.

Does the white man get followed when he has a hood on his hair? 
Maybe just slightly, he may be followed by one.

But the black man in the same outfit is followed by 3

Because watch out everybody he is black he may have a gun.


When I walk into a place, and they hear my voice first, the shock I see when they see my face......

mhmmmmmm , I don't laugh that hard when a big kid falls to the earth. 

Your voice, so American, not even a slur, you speak proper english

Yeah son  " I speak proper english , but I am hispanic too, do you want to put me on display at a zoo?" 


We got rid of slavery , but the blacks, the Native Americans, and Hispanics are still slaves

 Slaves to the lives their ancestors lived 100 years ago. 

Yeah we are better, and we can have success

We have to jump through more hoops to be better than the rest


The whites want to say that we have the same opportunities

But look at the  "bad schools" vs. the "good schools"

I bet their population count is 1:10 , "minority to white. 

We don't have the same opportunities , to be successful like the white man 

We have more rungs on the socioeconomic  ladders to climb


It should have never been black vs. white

But that is how our history unfolded

with every decade we fight harder still

Slowly and slowly we will get over this hill 


Let us get over this , and let us be a body of one

Where there is no black and white

no prejudice against a color

just truth vs. lies

And different problems to overcome 



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