It Is She


It is she….The quiet one who isn’t necessarily muteHer mind is loud, and I wonder how she does it.How does she maintain such a typical face?Yet her mind is circulating with all of these negative thoughts…. It is she….That girl who is self-deprecating and fearfulEverything that surrounds her fills her with apprehension and I wonder how she does it.How does she look like your ordinary girl?Yet in her mind the environment abhorrence’s her. It is she…..The girl that has so much going onBut is yet hiding behind a twisted up frown and I wonder how she does it.How does she not express how she feels?Yet speaks as if everything is peachy keen.   It is them…..The people that create this society.…And I feel as if they might be the answer to why SHE is the way SHE is.Maybe they should walk in her shoes and experience what she has experiencedTheir inability to accept others differences can be quite nerve wreckingAnd I wonder how they do it…How do can they make someone feel so bad

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