"It Saved My Life"

Sometimes I don't think we understand how powerful words can be . Just sit and think-- wedding vows entitle ones loyalty and faith to one other person for as long as they shall live . Or what about eulogies ? Using words to honor the legacy and warming presence one has left here on earth , one that may be gone but will never be forgotten. 


I guess what I'm trying to say is ; words or poetry-- these things saved my life ! Words have the power to make you laugh, make you cry , and it's like without them keeping me replenished, I probably would have "died" . Venting to someone else isn't always an option because you may have to worry about if they're going to judge your imperfections when they're imperfect themselves. See, when I write , I don't have worry about that insecurity . These lines welcome me with genuine open arms in between each one, and the pen just follows my creative flow-- these lines don't judge me. 


Poetry saved my life because when I have to much to say and  I know if I don't say them somehow I could choke of unspoken feelings and "what if" thoughts -- these pages never get tired and stay by my side no matter how severe it gets . Poetry is my home away from home even when I'm home and my vacation spree when me and my mind just want to get away . I never just up and decided to become a poet, but what I failed to realize is that whatever you create , whatever you write , when it's your thoughts , your feelings, your perception, your time invested into these lines-- it's poetry. 


And since I exit my thoughts , my feelings , my perception on this page, I am a poet. 


Poetry entered my life and caressed my damaged soul when I felt alone, when I was at my lowest point and writing these words were my meditation, music to my ears . These words kept me sane even when life was trying to drive me right to insane's front door, these words kept me balanced, even when I got knocked off the tracks-- poetry saved my life. 

I thank God everyday for this pen and this pad . 


Maya Angelou is my mother and poetry is her son and I am poetry and poetry is me . Poetry saved me, revived me, gave me a chance to take my mind places I thought it never could imagine to go -- and to the Lord I pray to never take this gift you've given me -- God please never take it away. 


It saved my life ...

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