It Rains Softly Tonight

Wed, 04/15/2015 - 10:55 -- Sylis
It rains softly tonight
As I stare out my window
The tiny droplets streaking across the pane
I often wonder why the skies cry tonight
Perhaps in mourning of its Dark Mistress
Perhaps she'll peek betwixt her cloak
Of cloud, and mist, and storm
To stroll across this rainy night
With her celestial maids in tow
She and her lover has retired this evening
The latter looking for the former
Cause he gives his life each day
So she doesn't fall away
Something seems to have broken tonight
It just doesn't seem quite right
It hardly rains softly at all
Yesterday and Tomorrow were no different
But the world awaits, breath abated
As we wonder where the fated have gone missing.
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Our world
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