One hand will be pressed to the window

Of the car as it exits

A turn will be made at the end of a road

Where another begins


It is inevitable


Whether it will be a 45 minute drive

Or a cross-country trek

It is an inevitable ride

Towards potential success


I will be surrounded by others

Each with some sort of goal

To live up to their sisters and brothers

Or to let their own futures unfold


All will try

Some will fail

We all knew what this life

Would entail


It was inevitable


And as I attempt

to fit in; to stand out

I will not be exempt

From defeat and let-downs


But unlike my peers

I will use my mistakes

Not as an excuse for tears

But a way to self-motivate


This...this is inevitable


My future.  My success.

All rolled into one

My future.  My success.

Bright as the Sun


The cards in my hand

What I bring to the table


I am...




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