Is it an illusion?

Mon, 02/08/2016 - 18:52 -- ulyssab

An illusion, that's what I like to call it and that's what it may be fill in the space, if you shall but it's an illusion to me Tricked, was it trickery what was this illusion that dug me so deep blindsided by an empty space, how can this be No, I need realism and realistically it is invisible but how can that be when it feels so alive breathing right above me like a dragon letting out his last breath Is it really possible to feel it I mean, you can't feel an illusion but it's fake, it has to be What is this because I cannot grasp it, am I new? They say one thing can effect another could it be how you think? Possibly... What is this illusion that has been suffocating me? Silence. Explanation? Yes! Love is silent yet, ever so loud and distracting.. An illusion at its finest.

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Our world


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