It Hurts to Remember

Fri, 07/08/2016 - 02:24 -- Ty47

My thoughts at 2am
Keep wandering back to you
Wondering if you think about me too
Because i can't seem to forget
Anything about us.
I remember every touch
Every laugh
Every whispered sigh in the dark.
I remember every walk
Every studying look
Every stolen kiss any moment we were finally alone.
I remember the first time you called me beautiful
And the first time you told me you cared.
I remember all the sweet remarks you made that in response made me hide my smile and made my heart fall for you a little more.
I remember staring into those eyes
Being amazed by them every time
I've never felt more content than i did when you held me...
I thought you felt it too,
Was i wrong to assume?
Were you not as fond of me as i were of you?
Of course life came in between,
Proving all good things must come to an end
Yet still everyday i think of you
Just wondering and hoping you think of me too?
Because us
i remember,
i remember
With each passing day it hurts to remember

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