It hurts

Sometimes I see you
You're still beautiful as ever
All the words you say
You say,
"I love you"
With those words
I always believe
I start to think about our future
The possibilities we may have
Sometimes those words,
Don't mean anything
The constant "I love you"
After an argument,
A fight,
Or anything at all
I always believed
You say you "love" me
And always say, "I will never hurt you"
I say, "I will always promise too."
To my knowledge you always do
And to later say, "I love you"
Wouldn't change a damn thing
If I try to get away
You always beg
Getting me to stay
What can I tell you?
Cuz you never seem to fuckin care
You seem different
You seem to brush it off as nothing
Whatever I do, you seem to fuckin hate
Seeming like I could be better than you
Why stay with me?
It's all I ask
But all I here is,
"I love you"
I'm stuck here
I know someday,
I will see a new tomorrow
But for now I live in a nightmare
Called "Love"
I look up one day,
I see freedom
With all of my heart,
I yearned this day to come.
I'm finally free
Free of my misery
Free of the danger
Free of what I thought was "Love"
Now I find "Love" for myself
To get stronger and live life peacefully

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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