It Comes with Age

It comes with age 

We all learn this 

Give up your rights 

Give up your hope  

Conform, conform, conform 


It is handed to them on a silver platter 

Why protest anymore? 


It get us nowhere 

Violence and feuds 

It makes them turn against us 


Be silent indifferent passive 

We cannot win this war 


A child’s mind, so unexplainable 

How they trust without fear 


Their whole heart open to the world 

They see the best in everything 


I remember those times 

When I paraded into preschool 

Unaffected by other people’s opinions 

Where cruelty and dishonesty and pettiness remained unseen 


What has happened to us? 

Weren’t we all once kids? 

Who has forced this irreversible change? 

Be silent be indifferent 

Conform, conform, conform 


I urge you now 

Take the hard and painful road to individuality 

Setting the standards behind 

We will press on  




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