It All Sounds The Same

I never want to sound the same,-
So the first person that hears me cant understand clearly, but the next person might, because I never want to sound the same.
If internal pain is held where it began
Inside, Outside
Looks cant change and please refrain from
Fake smiles shown because they take you further from your home and heart. ,so the closer you think you are to society, the further you have flown
Theres no bed when sleeping
In cold weather created from hidden treasures, we call feelings. ishow nothing, so you cant see them, but me trying to express expression of self is like
Beholding the wind, impossible, its like snow turned water slipping through fingers as if they were emotions unknown doing the same thing. . Everything hurts more. When real pain is changing to internal complex depression remaining with an outside sunshine, that half of three fourths of everybody believes. And that hurts.
All Because of a fake smile
No one knows how I feel because I am me. And I never want to sound the same.
And you are you .
So why or who would choose to lose a mood in view of speaking on feelings.
I'd prefer to hide it, let it go unspoken. Emotions long gone from ears that hear a sad song
Because smiling looks better,
So I should fake laugh on-
Through bad weather, act never is what I say but act always is what I do.
I should proceed admitting I don't need to address my emotions. But see,
I'd just be lying
Wasting timeless time
With rhyme-less rhymes
I mean, this sounds like words match, but to me is not sensible .
It never makes sense.
They say I talk too fast I'm of little patience,
But waiting on words sent from Head to pen from mouth
To shouts
it's just, a waste.
I mean it doesn't make sense,
They say it starts in the mind,
Goes through the mouth,
Flows with the pen in which Im talking about, but my pen, Idepened on my defense, to not taking problems head on braches , from the life ive lived. so ill never show a smile, but for those that see, a slight cheeze it might be G, O, D that caused it,so please, dont ever thank me for these words, I'm only glad my fake smile was just heard.


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