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My eyes open and I stare at this charcoal wall, my back aches, my ancles are stiff, and i cant even fathom the thought of sitting up and metally preparing myself for yet another butally draggish day..... I hate this.

I sit up (sigh). I take a long deep breath of air, it smells dank.... I skip the shower because its already 7:30 am and i make a rushed attempt to make my myself semi approachable... a quick brush through my already rotting enamel for fresh breath and im ready for work.

work...SHIT!!!.... I have to work today... Another day of painfully physical work for mediocre money in a place where the strongest worker is the weakest person, laughed at and emotionally abused.... FUCK THIS BULLSHIT.. if i have to stay here one more minute im gonna snap, punch my manager in the nose, piss on their cars, and smile while im doing it all..... an hour passes by and I realize "im still here" dealing with the same people who make me feel like I can do absolutely no better than where i am. I'm stuck in the midst of a bunch of High. End. Low. Lives <-- in other words, this is HELL.

As I look around and make my assumptions of everyone who ive made countless attepts to familiarize myself with to make the day go by faster by just even the small increment. I ask myself... IS THIS IT?

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Wow a lot of pure emotions

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