It’s not saying goodbye but more of I’ll see you later.

It’s not saying goodbye but more of I’ll see you later.

Saying goodbye isn’t easy. In fact it’s the hardest thing that I could have done.Death is scary. I still feel you with me and I dream about you. I hear your voice well I lay sleeping. It’s not saying goodbye but more of I’ll see you later. The only question I have is Can you feel my tears fall on your grave well I place the flower on it? Can you feel that I miss you and think about you? I blame myself for your death best friend. I should of been there for you when you need me the most but instead I was "in love" with your brother.  

Too busy to take a second out of my day to be there. It was because of I that you’re no longer here and I miss you. On February 13, 2013 you took your life. A day before Valentine’s Day. I walk to your house because it had been two months when your brother and I split. I came over to bring your Valentine’s Day gift and to say I’m sorry, but I founded your body lying there in a puddle of blood. On your arm it read ALONE. I felt my heart sank and felt tears down my face as I hold your body scream for your mother who wasn’t home. You committed suicide.

You were always there for me when I need you the most. Where was I? So now Its a year and a few days has gone bye and I never stop thinking about you and visiting your grave. I put flowers on your grave every month. Can you feel me? Can you ever forgive me? I need you! I need you to know that no matter what happens I’m always here for you and that you’re not ALONE. You have me. I AM here and I AM not leaving again. I hope I can see you again and you will have open arms for me. I remember it’s not saying goodbye but more like I’ll see you later. I will met you again best friend and we will never see the end.

    Till now I always seen death as scary but I now see that death is peaceful. No one knows what happen after death but I like to believe I will met my best friend. ”Life asked Death, why do people love me, but hate you? “Death responded because you are a beautiful lie and I’m a painful TRUTH.” I miss you. The only thing keeping me together is It’s not saying goodbye but more of I’ll see you later.

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