It’s The Little Things


It’s The Little Things


Lots of little things can crack little smiles


For certain folks it’s the runner’s high after a few miles


Maybe it’s sitting on your porch watching the crazy bastard run by


Or seeing friends having fun, the twinkle in a loved one’s eye


Perhaps seeing others laugh gets your giggle


 Or a cat preparing a predators lunge with a wiggle


The hearty laugh of a bearded man


The soft whirr of a summer night’s fan


The beautiful blue sky, constantly cloudless


Or the pitter patter of dripping rain, and dark clouds boundless


Or when out and about you see a stranger’s unwavering kindness


Families playing, campfires burning, marshmallows toasting and puppies yapping


A day outside happy and yearning, or maybe inside lazily napping


When finishing a story, a happy ending,


Going to a store for a bit of spending


The satisfaction of work well done


 Then realizing that even though it was tough


You still had fun. 


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