On islands where sea-salt breezes blow,

And purple tropic flowers grow,

And trees are laden with coconuts,

On islands where sunrays seldom touch.


Volcanoes erupt and spout with glee,

Blowing out smoke and ebony,

And burn the canopies within reach,

On shores with glitter upon the beach.


Where friendly monkeys hide and seek,

And find bananas quite a treat,

Sleeeping on boughs high up above,

On islands that remain untouched.


The toucan stirs and shrieks a call,

So loud it makes the beetle fall,

Yet wakes the family of bright birds,

With a trilling like you've never heard!


On islands with rainforests galore,

With white sand upon the shore,

And piers where some dock their rafts,

Near where mischievous tidals laugh,


Where waves make wading look quite fun,

And seashells sparkle like the sun,

And oysters giggle with delight,

At the coming of Polynesia's night,


On islands with tiki lanterns lit,

And treefrogs have a party of it,

Legend says that Oahu's the best,

However, I leave it to my guest.


Until we meet again, goodbye!

I'll wait for you under the sky,

Where tradition rules with golden blush,

On islands where sunrays seldom touch.


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