Crashing waves collide
With waves of vibrations heard
But not seen,
Felt but not touched.
A day without you is a day without us
And I sing to the shore knowing this Water will scoop sand into its curves And into its womb to bend into fragile Glass bottles half empty with solace 
And half full with melodies
As a message to some other shore
In another place
Another world
Another life.
I used to believe the silence was my
One and only
But sun and sand 
And tender-tanned skin have made me
One and lonely.
Strung together sighs have become
My wind and my body
Is an ocean with things beneath
Its surface that long for a taste of land
And a place unwavering.
Back soft against 12 a.m. warmed
And eroded golden-grains
I watch and wait for the moons dance
To summon the stars.
I, along with the ocean
Wait for the laughter of stars 
And sprinkled stardust; 
A taste of Heaven for the night.
The day kisses my eyelids
And salt spray clings to my lips 
And this morning the waves sing to me.
It tells me it is all that I need.

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