Iron woman


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You think you can come back
And hurt me like the last time
Well, you can see I’ve put you in the past
You’re ancient history now
I’ve put you up with all my childish toys
It’s time for me to be a woman now

I know you remember how you could
Break me apart like I was sugar
And all I ever was to you was sweet
But now I am strong

You’re my biggest regret, my worst mistake
But I’ll be a good girl and forgive
Like Mama told me to

But you’re not worth my time
I’ll never let you lay a hand on me again
You puddle of slime
So go ahead, waste your breath
In your face I’ll laugh
Cause you ain’t never getting this back



This is inspired by reading about how women in the past were treated in relationships. Because of women's rights, it is possible for women to be able to take a larger stand for themselves. However, relationship abuse still happens every day in the U.S.

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