Your first iPod:

clunky, junky, heavy to the pocket

...not to mention kinda square.

But, you adored it anyway,

stuck replaying that one 90's pop song until you loved it,

mostly because you didn't know how to work it.

Forever yours until that fateful day it decided to play hide-and-go-seek in your shorts pocket

... in the washing machine.

A few years later,

older, bolder, but certainly not wiser,

a sleeker, slicker toy waltzes into your life.

An iPod that can change with a touch, yet possess only  one button




You greedy glutton.

As quickly as it came, cracks tarnish its face,

And  modern generation's future reflected in its many new faces.

E-gad, by gosh, OMG

today your ipod 5gs-xx-360 has arrived.

It's like, that thing all of your friends have been talking about.

Now they can be closer

--a call-- no, a touch away!

Connected! Connected! You always have to be connected!

Frantically, you scrounge through your belongings,

heap after heap,

to find your precious baby

So that at night, you can sleep.

Stinky, stained shorts unfurl amidst your piles

... nostalgia (and the scent of four year old, unwashed shorts) fills the air.

You reach into the shorts' pocket and pluck out a treasure so old.

What is it?

It's clunky...

It's Junky...

It's heavy to the pocket and not to mention

...kinda square.

You push its buttons and a spark lights up your face

...after all these years hope has brought it back to life,

And it's still stuck on replay.



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