An Invitation to You


take a stroll with me.

To a land between reality

where life is full of surprises,

and nothing is what it seems. 


Where the colors of the sunset

blend into the waves of the sand,

and a friendly stream of smiles will never appear bland.

Where the burning fire

is the source of the chilling icem

and dreams are never crushed.



fly with me.

Over the mountains larger than life

to the land of contentment,

where all problems are lost. 


Where a spring fling of phrases

is the beat

to your heart's desire.

Where need comes before want,

no matter what situation,

 and a hug is around every corner.



join me. 

In a place beyond your wildest dreams.

Where the last moment of one day

is the first moment of the next. 


Where life,

lasts eternities longer

than death itself.

Where you are the king and queen

of the kingdom,

and where your word is the key

to the gate of poetry. 

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