The quiet girl who stands all alone.
The blonde one who seems to have no place to go,
But home.
The skinny one who just can’t seem to fit in.
The one who covers every feeling with a grin,
A smile
To hide the discomfort, the darkness inside,
But it just didn’t work no matter how hard she tried.
She tried.

Who is she?
Do you know her?
How is she?
Do you see her?

The girl who tries to keep to the shadows.
The girl who tries to stay behind the curtain that won’t close.
‘til now.
The girl who suddenly wants to be different.
The girl who wants a social life present--
A friend
To talk to, to laugh with, to go to,
To be understood, to know someone like you.
But no.

You don’t know who she is.
You don’t know her.
You don’t know how she is.
You don’t see her.
The girl who wishes she could be someone she’s not.
The girl who is tired of being the person forgot
Every time.
The girl who so badly wants to be seen.
The girl who lives her life in a dream.
She dreams
Of a life, of a difference, of anything
Of a voice, of a purpose, of everything.
And yet…

You won’t know who she is.
You won’t know her.
You won’t know how she is.
You won’t see her.

That girl is invisible;
She’s me.


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