As I sit through your class,

I hold back tears.

Tears of anger, tears of stress, all kinds of tears. 

But the tears you will never see, 

are the tears I shed at home. 

For I feel lost and abandoned, 

and I am always on my own. 

I am stressed, I'm depressed, 

I can't find a way to make this all work.

Because piled on top of the work from your class, 

and the depression I have that's a pain in the ass, 

I have a person I miss and I wish to kiss, 

but they couldn't give less of a fuck about me. 

I am worthless to you, I am worthless to me, 

I am so fucking empty,

this emptiness could fill the fucking sea. 

Or the hole in my chest, 

or any of the rest

of the holes in my entire body. 

And everyday you look me in the eye

and ask if I'm going to cry

I bite my lip and hold the tears in 

I lie to you, I sin. 

No one cares if I actually cry 

over the tests, over the stress, 

it doesn't matter if I die. 

And deep inside you, 

you know this is true. 

because the stress is eating me alive, 

and my body is going into a nose-dive, 

straight into the ocean. 

I wish to get lost, 

so I can forget the depression, 

I can forget the stress, 

I can forget everything that is entitled to me. 





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