Waltzing through my mind mansion

Naked save the tie about my wrist 

                  (Was about my eye 

                  but the front door guy

                  bid me to remove it)

                                    (good riddance)


Carpeting my halls a grass of perennial green

Pulped by doors on habitual hinges

                  (The rest tend to creak

                  or the insides just reek

                  from neglect by the frazzled caretaker)

                                    (groundskeeper, billpayer)


Blueprints crafters hallowed hands unseen

Until Grandfather Time in terminal wisdom      

                  (ticktock ticktock 

                  the clock at the end of the hall

                  she really was having a ball)

                                    ends it all.                                                                                                                  


Spry I spin upon the first door

Scald a toe upon a key thrown to the ground 

                  (was a locked-up-tight door

til the room felt right for

                  a coming-of-age)

                                    (angry stage)


I’ve built for indulgence, catharsis, disquiet –  

Agey stagey and all the ragey – four walls of sympathomimetics

                  (among them book burnings

                  Kipling’s drug abused

                  quaestiones sine responsum)

                                    (alas mankind 

cannot be hung by a nail)


Dance halts for my latest addition, glossy snapshot absorbed, morning news

A riverbank, where three hundred tribes stand as one!

(Mni Wiconi – our lives are at stake,

for a world by money spun)

(We need the money – for America’s sake

Stand down or I use my gun)

              (STAND WITH THEM!)


Increasing in tempo, bare feet burning patterns

My mansion consumes me, bare feet soon in tatters


I’m scared I’m unable I’m spinning unstable

O.D.-ing on what I have built


Open your unmasked eyes, wild one!

You dance among the igniters of vital spark!


In my mansion all sense becomes rhythm

Heartbeat body heat hormonal downbeat

Tumble out to neutral grass, meditation

A ritual dance, understanding, bittersweet

This poem is about: 
My country


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