Downstairs, a sniff, and
Piss the shit off of
Porcelain. Ha!
I'm not an employee! Said
Defiantly. Where were we?
I see!
Oh, that's interesting
But that's not at all fascinating. ACK!
Why are you alive? Die.
Why yes, I'd like another, please.
A ten point swing.
Where were we?
A furtive glance.
Come downstairs.
I was just there! Please!
Come downstairs.
A click. A sniff.
Rough chapped lips.
Tension subsides.
Two - no, three!
Fingers in and a hard earned sigh.
And the deed is cheap,
An unwritten special, with wings,
And Pale Ale.
You leave and you call:
"Tell me how you feel!"
"No, tell me how you really feel!"
"Tell me anything! SAY ANYTHING!"
Please pick up.
What a loss.
But what a game!

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