Intelligence, a gift or burden...

Is intelligence a gift or a burden?

They say ignorance is bliss... but I'm not so certain.


So if knowledge is power...

Why is power is all corrupting?

....this thought for me, can be very disrupting.


Maybe I'll find a way to understand this...

In my story, I've yet to witness...

Something that can stop this trivial thought...

Something I never found but always sought....



Is intelligence a gift or a burden?

 Feeling distain, in a fickel thought

Lost in my mind, I almost forgot.


Just in the beggining of my journey.

I find myself trying to be the defendent, judge, and jury.

So, I try to remember...

Life is short

No need to hurry.


Slow down, cheer up, dont get lost in your mind.

One day the key to clarity, I know ill find...

So next time I feel stuck, sad, and troubled....

I feel like I lost, yet I've only stumbled.



Always remember, never forget.

Inorance is bliss, intelligence a gift.


Good and Evil will always fight

No matter how dark, you can always find a light.






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Our world


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