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(In the Future… AIDs only exist to help
In the Future… HIV forgot the E and refers to the residence of bee’s
In the Future… children like Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis are not murdered because men feel threatened
In the Future… men like In the Future… inflation only refers to balloons
Troy Davis are not executed because of a lack of evidence
In the Future… Dr. King’s dream is realized and Malcom X’s ideologies are practiced not preached
The future… is within my reach and I look forward to it with anticipation. My spouse and children are met with genuine smiles from my co-workers, bosses and relatives . They should be smiling at my family, after all …my kids take more after their mom, than they take after me.
In the Future…I’m Ecstatic because neither I, nor my spouse, nor my children ever have to hear “ Screwing a black girls a lot like driving a Dodge, you’ll do it but you won’t brag about it.” I was told this my junior year in the high school locker room.
A year prior to that my aunt’s response to me going to a black church was “ Well I guess they’re just as good as you and me.”
Freshman year in Houston my best friend was told “ Take your cotton picking hands off the projector.”
I could make annual recollections like these back to when I was 5 and my cousins didn’t want to go to the neighborhood pool because there were too many black people.
Bad People
Bad enough to avoid but intimidating enough to greet with a smile. This smile is produced by artificial fear, which spawns hate. I have witnessed a magnitude of cowards denounce and degrade blacks folks within the comfort of their own homes, but feign courtesy when face to face.
In the Future… I neither see nor hear this. Not because l’m ignorant or oblivious but because people are more intelligent. The minds capable of curing aids and solving economic crises are the same minds correlating a human being’s character with a human being’s actions.
In the Future… Minds are no longer motivated by fear, minds are cultivated through thought. Rational minds making rational decisions. Discerning the difference between fears and phobias.
Fears are instincts, biologically designed to protect the body from harm.
Phobias are social constructs, engineered to induce fear.
In the Future… Minds deconstruct phobias
In the Future… I smile knowing neither I, my spouse nor my children ever have to hear their uncle say “ You know what’s Black, Yellow and Funny all over? A Bus full of darkies driving off a cliff.”)


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