Intangible Notions

Thoughts that float within my mind

Hints of ideas I dream up at night

Emotional moments and far away dreams

Come to existence within poetry.

How do I explain the darkness

Pervading my soul when I feel worthless?

Yet try to convince you that underneath

All my shame and so much grief

In the depths of my soul I truly see

The light of eternal unwavering peace.

The words I think of in my head

ebb and flow forth from my pen

The harmless things I cannot say

spring to violence on the page

Though I refrain from face to face,

This unasked question still remains

Why am I here?

Beyond the falseness of success

The passing feeling of happiness

Why am I here?

Is success to win the game of life?

To collect more stuff and escape from strife?

The meaning of life reaches far beyond me

into glorious infinity

This question I ask myself in my head

Perhaps it goes better unsaid

It is meant to be read.

You won't remember how well I rhymed

or how many words are in this line

But may this inkling idea of mine

Be impressed upon your mind.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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