Intangible and Addicting

Wed, 02/10/2016 - 21:05 -- PapaOwl

Intangible and addicting  
Each day I see it, each day I use it
Yet when without it I'm restless
Without it seems nothing will fit 

I constantly have it on my mind
It's always there - stuck like glue
Yet at times I seem to forget 
That the grass is green and skies blue

I forget that there is world 
Outside of the wonderful screens
I forget that sometimes it's not
The moving pictures or the funny scenes

Or talking with far away people 
Or playing fun games or watching
As people create new stories
That evolve the world - like a chicken hatching

I use it constantly - it's always on my mind
Intangible and addicting it is to me
I see it free at a store or a hotel or a restaurant 
It's almost as if that's the only sign I see

Free wifi it says - no password
My hands have a mind of their own
I access the internet by second nature
It's like wifi has sprung and grown

Grown to be addicting
Intangible and addicting - a new art
Securing me in its grip 
Like Devils Snare dancing in the dark

This poem is about: 
Our world


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