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Name: Cartier Aikens

Bio: Black Lives Matter



Without my filters, selfies of food, weird facial expressions and screenshots of what music I listen to at that particular moment, who am I?


Seems easy to just say the dumb trivial shit about myself like:

I'm Cartier Aikens. I'm a Virgo, 6'0. I'm a Gay, Black cub who is a Freshman at the University of the Arts, pursuing a BFA in Illustration. I commute since I live like 40 minutes away from campus, and I live with my mom, dad and younger brother and sister. As of August of 2014, I became an uncle. School's a bit challenging, but I'm in it to win it!


I guess I'm done here? Oh wait, you wanna know the invasive and pervasive things that reside in the premises of my effed up brain right? You wanna know what's the real deal with this cynnical, bitchy faggot that's writing this narrative poem.

I'm an emotionally unstable 19-year old who's anxiety and stress levels are way too high for a person my age. Born with a family who is cursed with a history of both substance abuse and  mental illness. An alleged control-freak with no friends.


A money hungry go-getter who's not afraid to holler for his dollar. My tuition's not gonna pay itself. A militant queen who will do anything to protect his hive. A puzzle that's missing a few of his pieces. I'm a few ions short leaving me to become an unstable atom.


An old soul who apreciates the precious simple hammock times of yesteryear.  I am an ex(pired) boyfriend, often antagonized. A paper butterfly hanging by a string, dangling from a cracking ceiling . Man and woman in one body.


Male genetalia living harmoniously with my curves and ample breasts. Viewed as an oddity by some, and fetishized by others (doesn't get any better than that I guess). #NoFilter





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