Inspiration through Oppression

Wed, 11/21/2012 - 21:49 -- fatima

Beat ‘em all
Through education
Raising my satisfaction
Claiming the gratification
Leaving the misconstruction
The misrepresentation
Choosing my destination
Predetermined by glorification
Not by standards made
Before my time
My life
Predisposing me
To a bin
Of misfits
Of gangbangers
Baby mamas
Drop outs
Racial standards
Confining me
To the title of a
Gum popping
Weave patting
Mad clapping
Neck rolling
Baby daddy and
Welfare collecting
Bad bitch

That’s not me
So why should it be you?
Look at the Maya Angelou’s
The Oprah Winfrey’s
Let oppression
Be your justification
For liberation
Be inspired
To become all you’ve desired
Don’t let a stereotype
Become your prototype
Desire to live a better life



I absolutely love your piece- and I loved hearing you recite it as I read it. It was great and true to who you are and a message thatcan be well learned. Thank you so much for sending this in!


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