Inspiration Is A Journey

Inspiration, something that takes time
Something that can be hard to find
Family, friends, objects
For me, none were the right kind

Family is an inspiration
Influencers they are
A big part of my life
Yet not the main source
So the journey continues on

Friends, although not many
Very hard to pick and choose
Great to have, fun to be with
But something is missing
They're not what I'm looking for

Objects, like devices or food, toys or books
Something we could get excited over
Could fill you with joy
But for me, inspiration is far from here
Objects, to be truthful, distract and sometimes annoy

I've come so far
Now lost, frustrated
I almost give up
I sit, calm, still, and think
Maybe my inspiration has been here all along

My journey is to an end
I've finally realized what I needed to find
My mind at ease
My soul at rest

What is my inspiration?
It's none other than nature
We're lost to objects
We need to be found

The trees, the animals, the oceans and lakes
Things, not made by man
Things of beauty
Things of love

I love the sound of the ocean waves singing
I love the trees and their leaves dancing with the wind
I love animals, with their grace and innocence
Everything about nature is something to love

Nature is all around us
Believe it or not, nature is an inspiration to us all

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